Becoming a WelfareLink user guarantees:
  • access to the websites of public health structures (ASL, IRCSS, Hospitals), scientific societies and the most important operators in the area;
  • free subscription to Quotidiano Sanità and to WELFARE monographic studies
  • the opportunity of downloading professional software, APP and utilities for managing various aspects of the profession;
  • access to ODL courses (CME accreditation) selected and validated by Federsanità ANCI
  • the opportunity to exchange ideas with your colleagues and with all health professionals
  • access to the forum, WEB TV, theme channels and the formularies of drugs and medical devices
  • great visibility through many professional sites aimed at citizens and health professionals
  • the best professional deals as well as insurance, banking, etc..
  • a legal advice service
  • help desk service
Guaranteed by Federsanità ANCI and in compliance with the Decree Law on Administrative Transparency (2013).